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Take Back Gotham City vote Harvey Dent !

Site da campanha de Harvey Dent é atualizado

Com wallpapers, ícones, downloads e nerds malucos !!!

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Why Harvey Dent

Harvey Dent is the one man with the courage, the guts, and the steel to stand up to the violent mob gangs that are destroying Gotham.

Why Harvey Dent?

We all know about the crime that makes us scared to walk home at night, scared to take public transportation, scared sometimes even to leave our own house.

Harvey Dent can stop the crime wave. Because Harvey Dent is the one man who can target the real sources of the violence – organized crime and corrupt cops.

Harvey Dent Put Dirty Cops Behind Bars

When nobody else had the guts to do it, Harvey Dent took on the dirty cops – and secured 11 guilty verdicts.

And he’s not stopping there.

When everybody else was throwing up their hands about massive police corruption, Dent started a public tip line for citizen complaints about corrupt cops. The tip line has received thousands of calls – and let citizens fight back against corruption.

Harvey Dent vs. The Mob

Harvey Dent is taking aim at the Mob kings that are feeding off the misery of Gotham citizens.

Dent has sworn that if he is elected District Attorney, he’ll go after the worst mob kingpin first – Sal Maroni.

Harvey Dent Can Stop The Crime Wave

Take one look at these numbers:

Crime has skyrocketed 97% in Gotham over the last 4 years.
Murders up 78%
Armed robberies up 76%
Rapes up 58%
Violent attacks up 97%

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